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Business Law

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Our skilled team of business professionals and legal experts specializes in meeting the unique legal needs of small and mid-sized businesses of all types.

Our Oregon and Washington business lawyers have assisted numerous businesses in forming partnerships, limited liability companies and corporations, as well as dealing with local and state government regulation and taxation issues.  Whether your business requires contracts or negotiation, business dispute resolution, business acquisition or sale, O’Donnell Law Firm LLC has been helping businesses thrive in Oregon and Washington for the last forty years.

As Oregon and Washington business attorneys, we recognize that successful enterprises require strong relationships in the community.  That is why we employ a big picture approach in serving your business.  We also realize a “one size fits all” approach does not work.  When we are approached by the owner of a small or medium-sized business, we listen to that person’s business needs and develop a strategy that is consistent with his or her values and business philosophy.  Strong businesses relationships are based on honesty and integrity.  As your business partner, we recognize that we must provide value for the business services we provide.

Here is a sampling of the business legal services we are proud to offer:

  • Formation and representation of corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships and other business entities – As your Oregon and Washington business law firm, we recognize the significance of organizing your company according to your needs and goals.  Choosing to form a corporation, limited liability company, a partnership or even just a sole proprietorship has significant and long-term tax and liability consequences on the state and federal level.  Before making a decision about which structure is best for your business enterprise, our business legal team will learn about your business including your strategic plan, your revenue goals, and the future of your industry.
  • Formation and representation of tax-exempt organizations – O’Donnell Law Firm LLC specializes in the formation and representation of tax exempt entities including charter schools.  We are recognized experts in creating and maintaining tax exempt organizations including trade associations and the hospitality industry such as hotels, motels and restaurants.  Our political and community connections make us uniquely suited to represent the business needs of Oregon tax exempt organizations and trade associations.  Our services include advising non-profit and tax exempt entities of all types in all aspects of state and federal laws and regulations affecting nonprofit organizations, including nonprofit governance, obtaining exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service, compliance with IRC §§ 501(c)(3), (c)(4), (c)(6), and 527, unrelated business taxable income rules and regulations, corporate sponsorship and trade show rules and regulations, formation of for-profit subsidiaries, state and federal campaign finance and tax rules and regulations, as well as providing counsel and advocacy on legislative initiatives on the local, state, and federal level.
  • Employment law-the Oregon and Washington business lawyers – O’Donnell Law Firm LLC will assist your business in the drafting and execution of employment contracts, hiring and termination issues, non-compete agreements, compliance with federal employment anti-discrimination laws, intellectual property, and the drafting and execution of employee manuals including sexual harassment policies and social media guidelines.
  • Business insurance coverage and insurance policy review –We will review with you your current insurance coverage and advise you regarding any adjustments that are appropriate to ensure the long-term health and viability of your business.
  • Asset protection planning, risk management and related preventative law advice and consultation – Our team of seasoned lawyers will assess your asset protection needs and provide sound business solutions.  This may include a review of your corporate or business structure, employee compensation strategy, and capital investment needs.  We can also assist your business with risk audits and guide you through the necessary steps to eliminate or reduce those risks through the implementation of policies, procedures, and insurance strategies.
  • Business succession planning for family and non-family businesses – The future of your company can be protected and enhanced through proper planning.  Depending upon the nature and structure of your particular business, sound succession planning will ensure that your desires will be adhered to in the future.  A clear succession plan not only provides for the future of the company but also provides stability and reassurance in the present circumstance.
  • Negotiation, mediation and litigation of business disputes – If your business experiences a conflict, we are fully prepared to represent and guard your best interests.  O’Donnell Law Firm’s experienced team of lawyers can accomplish dispute resolution either through litigation, arbitration or mediation, depending upon your needs and goals.
  • E-commerce law and agreements – As technology advances, so do the legal demands on your business.  Such issues as online intellectual property rights and federal and state regulation of e-commerce can become legal issues with which your business will have to contend.  Our Oregon and Washington business lawyers understand these trending issues and have the experience necessary to help you grow your business online while protecting your rights.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions – O’Donnell Law Firm LLC has four decades of proven business experience in handling the sensitive and delicate area of mergers and acquisitions.  The firm has handled every aspect of mergers and acquisitions from negotiation to contract drafting as well as compliance with all state and federal regulatory requirements.  In the initial stages, we are able to provide our business clients with strategy, creation and/or review of business plans, and financing issues.  Our firm is able to provide full-service legal counsel for all Oregon and Washington business mergers and acquisitions.