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The challenges of managing a non-profit organization are as varied and unique as the challenges of providing counsel for them. Issues such as complying with all aspects of state and federal law, adopting and adhering to appropriate governance policies and practices, following applicable employment laws, and complying with often-burdensome tax regulations governing the operations of exempt organizations must all be strictly followed. Non-profits today are expected to be managed and held accountable to the same standards as their for-profit counterparts — and they need a specialized legal team to keep a step ahead. Our team does just that, keeping you on top of tax-related issues, corporate governance, employment practices and more.

Here is a listing of the services we provide to non-profit organizations:

  • Formation and representation of all types of tax-exempt organizations, including trade associations, charitable entities, charter schools, political organizations, social welfare organizations, homeowners associations and more
  • Drafting and implementation of governance and employee practices and policies, including record retention, conflict of interest, confidentiality, whistleblower, electronic communications, membership voting, drug and alcohol, sexual harassment and more
  • Non-profit board advice and consultations
  • Formation of for-profit subsidiaries
  • Unrelated business taxable income and other federal tax-related issues
  • Formation and representation of 527 political organizations, political action committees and campaigns, and campaigns on matters pertaining to state and federal election law, state and federal campaign finance and lobbying .