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One Centerpointe Drive, Suite 505, Lake Oswego, Oregon 97035
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Shelley L. Servellon

Job Title:  Administrator

Job Responsibilities:  Financial Management, Billing and Client Accounts Manager, Human Resources Director

Area of Expertise:  Administrative duties

Experience:  Worked for Mark for over 10 years in the same capacity. Prior to that my experience was in oral surgery (16 years) as a surgical assistant and some experience working for (and co-owning) an alarm company.

Worked in a California school as an aide to special needs children.

Personal Interest/Activities: 

Having worked for Mark for over 15 years, Shelley is able to answer questions quickly and efficiently as it relates to your personal matters.

Shelley is a Community Chaplain for Freedom Community Church and a team member of SWW CISM Team. She is a board member for Freedom Community Church and Responders Resource Center in Vancouver Washington. Shelley is the mother of two grown daughters and wife to Miguel.